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🏠 Make changes to my unit:

- Any change to the exterior of a unit requires the submission of an architectural review board (ARB) waiver. Management will automatically approve changes consistent with our governing documents and will refer non-compliant requests to the Board for approval.  

- Currently, the Board is waiving Schedule A, Rule 1 of the By-laws prohibiting decorations within the community. The current waiver is for one decoration, with an approved ARB waiver. This rule should change soon and you can read the proposed new rule here

- The siding and roofs are currently rated as common elements, but this means that each homeowner is still responsible for their own shutters, fences, windows, and other elements. OEM information and colors for paints and stains can be found using the paint colors and OEM information guide.

💡 Know how decisions are made: 
- The Board works with Management throughout the month to address homeowner and community concerns, projects, meet financial obligations, and works with its legal counsel when a decision must be rendered. The Board and management maintain a monthly Board meeting to address concerns brought in person. The meetings follow a
modified version of Robert's Rules of Order

- For a project to be approved over a certain dollar amount or a decision affecting the rules of the association, the Board must either unanimously agree through email or must establish a quorum of Board members at the monthly meeting and pass a resolution with a majority affirmative vote. Projects are approved if they fit a verifiable need, are budgeted, and are either consistent with existing elements or if the project is in an early study phase, fits well with established community aesthetics. 

👂 Participate in the community:

- If you would like to volunteer on leadership as a Board member, please complete the candidate application. New Board members are elected at the November Board meeting and roles are assigned based on qualifications and best fit at the January Board meeting. 

- If you would like to volunteer on leadership as a committee member, please complete the committee member application. New committee members are inducted throughout the year, based on need. 

- If you would like to help change a rule requiring a 66 and 2/3rds vote from the association, use this guide to help draft the change and present it to the community for approval. Remember, to officially change a rule, the change has to be presented and voted on at the annual meeting. For those unable to attend the annual, a proxy may be submitted instead.

🏊 Use common elements:

- Both pools are available for all residents to enjoy during the season. This change was implemented by the Board at the January 2013 Board meeting.

- If you plan to use the pool, please take a moment to review the responsibilities statement