Brighton Park at Greenbrier

Brighton Park at Greenbrier

Push to Refresh Fences, Doors, and Hardware

The fence stain is Sherwin Williams SW3005 Navajo White.

If your door is green, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6180 Oakmoss. If it’s blue, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6222 Riverway. If it’s black, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6258 Tricorn Black. If it’s red, it’s Sherwin Williams SW6328 Fireweed. More colors can be found using the original build sheet

If you would like to replace your door hardware, you can use Kwikset Shelburne Satin Nickel Single Cylinder Door Handleset with Tustin Door Lever Featuring SmartKey Security, which can be found at /hardware.

Attend the Next Board Meeting

If you would like to attend the October Board Meeting and earn 100 points, please register at /meeting! 

Volunteer Days

Join Drew every second Saturday of the month at 8.30a for volunteer days! Volunteers may help trim trees, pick up trash, clean up the grounds, or help with a special project. The group will meet at the west pool. Free shirts will be distributed to all volunteers! 

Budget and Modernization Plan Update

The Board has started the annual budget planning process for 2022. A key focus this year is the funding required to start addressing the first roof replacements in 2022, which have been prioritized over the siding. Replacing roofs maintains unit values and keeps interior spaces dry. The eventual replacement of siding should have a positive impact on unit valuations, along with fireproofing, reducing maintenance, cleaning, and improving the aesthetics of our buildings. The Board is committed to accomplishing these projects over time, and with the least possible financial impact on dues. 

These projects are part of our 5-10 year vision for the community, which also includes diversifying the Association’s income streams to relieve continued impacts to the monthly dues, without degrading the services the Association provides. 

Rules & Regs Changes

Patio umbrellas were approved at the April Board meeting. Residents are welcomed to use them without filing an ARB! Just be sure to secure them at night and during weather events for the safety of those around your unit. 

Also approved at the meeting was new guidance for replacement sliding glass doors. If you need to replace yours, go here: /door!

Residents may now install black rubber edging designed to keep mulch in flower beds. The edging may be placed in beds directly adjacent to a resident’s unit. This new guidance was approved at the July Board meeting. 

CFM is using ComWebPortal now to manage our financial accounts. This gives residents visibility to their assessment account, and greater visibility to CFM and the Board to manage delinquency and Association spend. Use /pay

Y Benefit

The Y has activated the Brighton Park group rate. Use /Y to register

Active Groups

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