Conserving water is green and helps keep fees down

Brighton Park at Greenbrier 

❤​ SHARE: Your thoughts on proposed projects, provide feedback regarding services, or serve on the leadership team as a committee or Board member! We are currently looking for volunteers for the Social (Media!) committee.

👷 VERIFY: Onsite contractors, services, and workdays.

📆 MEETING UPDATES: The next scheduled meeting has a new date and location; the Oct Board meeting will be on Thurs, 17 Oct at the Hampshires Clubhouse (1400 Selborne Place) at 6.30p. The annual meeting is scheduled for 13 Nov

​💸 BUDGET: The 2020 Board-approved budget has been released. It includes a $10 increase in the monthly fee to correct our GL code for water and sewer expenses. This increase puts us more in line with actual spend. We currently spend about $20k/month on this line item. The 2020 budget maintains our yearly contribution to reserves and maintains our CIP funding for enhancements. 

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