Brighton Park at Greenbrier

Brighton Park at Greenbrier

Statement from the Board

For Public Release

10:45AM 21 JAN 2021

As you are probably aware from media reports, last night around 11pm, a disturbance occurred that resulted in a loss of life. This tragic incident played out for residents who live close to a unit adjacent to the dumpsters on Leckford. One of the individuals involved in the incident was seen suffering from a gunshot wound. He was attended to by paramedics and later died at the hospital. The Board spoke to residents who live nearby to this location and with our law enforcement partners at the Fifth Precinct to confirm this incident was an isolated event driven by a domestic dispute.

We want to thank the watchful eyes of our residents, our police department, and the first responders who attended to the suspect for their quick responses last night. We are grateful for their service and the clarity they brought to this situation.

Please stay healthy and remember to love one another.

– Phil Picini, President, COL USA (R)

Modernization Project update

We are excited to report that the Modernization Committee has been tasked by the Board to review options and work with a lender for both new siding and roofing throughout the community. 

New shingles would offset the excessive repairs currently being conducted, reset and extend the warranty, improve the aesthetics of the current patchwork of repairs, and eliminate water intrusion into units. The new HardiePlank would also offset repairs from wind events, reset and extend the warranty, improve the aesthetics of the siding, create a fire block, and reduce noise transfer into the units. 

Residents are encouraged to review the project and proposed color and product codes by unit. The project is designed to maintain our current monthly fee yearly increase without any special assessments or accelerated increases. 

The Board has set a deadline of the March meeting for the Modernization Committee’s report. Pending Board approval of the committee’s recommendations, all residents may have new roofing and siding with 50-year warranties by the spring of 2022.


A new section of our site is dedicated to a cheeky look at condo life. If you see something that could be humorous and lighten someone’s day, send it to John and we will post it in the “Lighter Side“!

Update for 2021! Board meetings will now be held on the second Thursday of the month to accommodate additional reporting. 

If you would like to attend the January Board Meeting, please register in the Marketplace

The Y has activated the Brighton Park group rate. Residents may use the Marketplace to enroll.

A big shout-out to a successful inaugural Food Truck Fridays season goes out to the Hampton Roads Food Truck Association! They managed our 2020 Food Truck Fridays program held at the West Pool every Friday from 4-7p. Thank you to all who participated! See everyone again in April! 

Starting with the summer 2021 season, all residents over 18 years of age will be required to scan their Member Number QR code to use the pools. Residents under 18 years of age and guests will be issued a Tyvek wristband after being checked in by an adult member. 

Often, we grow the most in challenging times. Being fearless, safely, is a shield that takes a lifetime to build and the exposure you get on that journey is the steel it’s built from. Confidence is not knowing the result, but marching towards the outcome. 

We would like to thank all the volunteers, small businesses, and neighboring communities for their continued friendship and service. Community extends well beyond our three entrances. If you represent a small business, and see a need, please reach-out to CFM so you can become an approved contractor. 

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