Brighton Park at Greenbrier

Brighton Park at Greenbrier

23 July Pool Update

Pool rails ordered for the east pool have not yet arrived. The west pool will be inspected by the City on July 27th. The west pool will be opened as soon as it passes its inspection. 

The west pool has been approved by the Board to be operated through the end of September. As soon as the east pool’s rails are installed and inspected, it too is approved to be operated through the end of September. 


Register Today for Access to the Pools!

To register for the pools, first register for the website or log in using your username and password. The “register now” link will not work until you are logged into the site. If you need any assistance with registering for the website or are unsure how to complete the pool access request, please contact John. Register now to gain access to the pools! 

To register for pool access, either log in to your account or click “Register” to create a new account. You can find your account number at the top right-hand corner of your coupon book. After logging in, it will take you to your account. If on mobile, you can use the hamburger menu to access the “Pool Access Request” form, allowing you to consent to the rules and regulations, liability waiver, and pay your fee. 

Proof of residency can be a picture of your driver’s license or a PDF of a current utility bill.

Select if you would like a new pass or would like to reactivate your existing pass. Our system was upgraded since our last pool season, so CFM has to manually recode access. 

Pool attendants were approved at the July Board meeting.

We are currently waiting on the fence at the east pool to be repaired, then the city inspection will happen.

Patio umbrellas were approved at the April Board meeting. Residents are welcomed to use them without filing an ARB! Just be sure to secure them at night and during weather events for the safety of those around your unit. 

Also approved at the meeting was new guidance for replacement sliding glass doors. If you need to replace yours, you may reference the published guidance here. 

Residents may now install black rubber edging designed to keep mulch in flower beds. The edging may be placed in beds directly adjacent to a resident’s unit. This new guidance was approved at the July Board meeting. 

CFM is using ComWebPortal now to manage our financial accounts. This gives residents visibility to their assessment account, and greater visibility to CFM and the Board to manage delinquency and Association spend. Look for an invitation email to gain access. Once you have access, you can use the “Payment Portal” link in the header to access the portal. 

The Y has activated the Brighton Park group rate. Residents may use the Marketplace to enroll

If you would like to attend the July Board Meeting and earn 100 points, please register in the Marketplace! 

Join Drew every second Saturday of the month at 8.30a for volunteer days! Volunteers may be help trim trees, pick-up trash, cleanup the grounds, or help with a special project. The group will meet at the west pool. Free shirts will be distributed to all volunteers! 

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