Conserving water is green and helps keep fees down


🚧 Currently approved projects (timelines shift often due to contractor-controlled ordering and scheduling):

- Sitework for phase two of the lighting project should begin the second week of Aug (R/P). 

- The resetting of the leaning column at Long Parish should be done by the end of Aug (R). 

- The gradual reshaping of tall topiaries will happen over the summer (M). 

- New topsoil and seed to cover targeted exposed roots should happen by the end of July (M). 

​- A new matching speed-bump at PD & ED to force stop-sign compliance should be installed by the end of Aug (M). 

​- Cleaning of BC and ED gutters along the easement will happen by mid-Aug (M).

✏ Projects under bid:

- Tinted glass shade structures at mailbox clusters are planned for FY20 (P).

- Summer replacement of the concrete pool furniture (M).

- Phase two of the security camera project (current cameras are part of the study phase) and should be installed this summer (M).

- Removal of all ground junipers is scheduled for FY20 (M).

- Sitewide sinkhole remediation will occur this summer (R). 

- Sitewide sidewalk settling remediation will occur this summer (R). 

- Both pool decks settling remediation will occur this summer (R).

- Soft washing of all buildings and sidewalks is scheduled for FY20 (M). 

- Replacement tree on HL and grinding of stumps for previously removed trees this fall (M). 

📖 Proposed projects being studied:

- Summer addition of azaleas and windmill palms Q3 (M).

​- Phase three of the lighting project FY20 (R/P). 

- A clubhouse at the west pool (fitness, meeting space) for FY21 (P).

- License plate cameras at entrances for FY21 (M).

- A dog park by the Long Parish entrance for FY22 (P).​

- Tinted glass shade structures at both pools for FY23 (P).

- Collecting budgetary quotes for future fire-resistant siding and possible solar roofing systems (R).

20 years of current, proposed, and reserve-study mandated projects, their timelines, and approx. budgets can be found here.

💸 DYK? Stats from the budget:

- 45% of the budget is dedicated to water and other utilities. 

​- 19% is dedicated to professional services.

​- 14% is dedicated to landscaping activities. 

- The remainder is split between reserve (R), CIP (P), and maintenance (M) projects.